Homecare Questionnaire

Have your say to improve your Homecare Service

This questionnaire is not for managing your individual care and we are unable to follow up on individual points raised. If you would like to discuss any concerns about the service or treatment you receive, please contact your hospital or our customer services team in the usual way.

We do not ask for your name or any details which would identify you. However, if you do give information which identifies you, in some circumstances, relating to your safety and/or treatment effectiveness, we may need to contact you. By providing any details which would identify you, you are giving your consent for your information to be used for the purpose outlined above.

If you are the Parent / Guardian of a child or a carer of someone who may have difficulty completing this questionnaire, we would be grateful if you would assist them in filling out the questionnaire about their homecare service.

Please return your completed survey in the envelope provided, at your earliest convenience.

Should you need help to complete the questionnaire, please contact us on 01480 458822

Thank you.

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